Student Teacher Programs

We offer the Student Teacher programs at all of our schools.
Please speak to the advisor at the school about the details of the program.

The term “student teacher” refers to an individual who is in the process of completing their teacher education program in Cosmetology/Esthetician and is engaged in classroom teaching under the supervision of a licensed teacher. This experience is a crucial step in the preparation of effective and competent teachers, as it provides them with an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills that they have learned in their coursework to real-world teaching situations.

One of the key characteristics of student teachers is that they are in the process of learning and developing the skills needed to become effective teachers. This means that they are not yet fully qualified teachers but are instead in a learning phase of their education. During this phase, student teachers typically work closely with experienced teachers who can provide them with guidance and support as they develop their teaching skills. This mentorship can take many forms, such as observing the experienced teacher’s classes, co-teaching with the licensed teacher, and lesson planning together.
Another important responsibility of a student teacher is to develop and implement lesson plans for the classes they are teaching. This requires careful planning, preparation, and organization skills, as well as a good understanding of the students they will be teaching. A student teacher must be able to differentiate their teaching strategies to meet the needs of different learners, regardless of their background, abilities or interests. Additionally, student teachers must take into account the curriculum standards and guidelines set by the school or district.

One of the key benefits of student teaching is that it provides student teachers with hands-on, real-world experience. It enables them to apply the concepts, principles, and theories they have learned in their coursework to actual teaching situations. This experience is invaluable in preparing student teachers for the workforce as it helps them to develop their teaching skills, gain practical experience and build their confidence. Additionally, student teaching can also help student teachers make valuable connections with their supervising teachers, fellow students and school staff.
Student teaching also comes with its own set of challenges. The student teacher must be able to navigate different personality types of the students, the unfamiliar curriculum, and the different teaching styles they may encounter throughout their education.

In conclusion, the student teacher experience is an essential component of teacher education programs. It provides student teachers with a valuable opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in real-world teaching situations, while also receiving constructive feedback and guidance from licensed teachers. While there are challenges associated with the student teacher experience, the benefits are numerous, from hands-on teaching experience to valuable networking and relationships with experienced teachers. Ultimately, the student teacher experience is an essential step in preparing effective and competent teachers for the workforce as a Cosmetology/Esthetician Teacher.

Arizona Student Teacher Program

350 Hours

Naperville Student Teacher Program

750 Hours

Chicago Student Teacher Program

500 Hours, 750 Hours

Schaumburg Student Teacher Program

500 Hours, 750 Hours, 1000 Hours

Henderson Student Teacher Program

500 Hours, 750 Hours