G Skin & Beauty Institute

Age-Defying Skin


The RF microneedling system is essential for any aesthetics practice. It is effective for treating a variety of skin conditions for facial rejuvenation, and it requires little or no downtime.

The Pixel8-RF system tightens the skin using bi-polar RF energy and microneedles to drive heat deep within the skin’s layers. This process stimulates and remodels collagen and prompts elastin cells to regenerate, resulting in a firmer, smoother, more even skin surface after just one treatment. The Pixel8-RF is designed for tissue coagulation and hemostasis to improve:

● Fine lines
● Wrinkles
● Striae
● Acne Scars

LED Light Therapy

has been ergonomically designed for treating the face and the body with 3 large wrap-around panels that contain LED lamps and three distinct

wavelengths. The treatment involves exposing the skin to low levels of specific light energy. The UltraLight delivers Red 633nm, Green 532nm and Blue 415nm wavelengths. Each individual wavelength has a specific target chromophore within the skin. These wavelengths stimulate various cellular processes that provide therapeutic results. The light therapy promotes collagen production, removes redness, reduces inflammation, circumferential reduction, improves the appearance of pigmented and vascular lesions, and treats acne.