Naperville Tuition & Fees


  • Registration Fee: $100.00
  • Class Kit and Books: $900.00
  • Tuition: $15,500.00


  • Registration Fee: $100.00
  • Class Kit and Books: $900.00
  • Tuition: Tuition is determined upon evaluation of transcript hours and report card if possible.

*For transfer students, tuition for any of the programs is determined upon presenting a sealed transcript to the Admissions Representative when transferring, for the remaining hours that need to be completed.

Student Teacher Program – 750 Hours

  • Program Requirements:
    • Meeting with the Director of Education is the first step for interested candidates.
    • Eligibility criteria:
      • Hold an active Esthetics license in the State of Illinois.
      • Possess a minimum of one year of experience in the Esthetics field.
      • Express a desire for employment with our company.
    • Limited positions available for qualified applicants.
  • Educational Materials:
    • Students are required to purchase the GOT program, including class kits and books, through the school.

For information on Scholarships please visit the scholarship information page here.

Cost of Attendance

COA will differ based on various circumstances, such as your enrollment status and living situation. Students living with their parents should reference the ‘With Parent’ components below. All other students should reference ‘Off-campus’ components below. Below are the COA components for 2023-2024 academic year/900 clock hours. 

Food and Housing* Transportation* Personal Expenses*
Independent Students (Off Campus) $1524 $316 $1035
Dependent Students (With Parent) $604 $316 $507

*Adjusted on 2 years averages of inflation, data based on the national averages from the “BLS Table 1800. Consumer Expenditure Survey 2021”:

The Total Program Costs listed in this document assume a student will be continuously enrolled and will satisfactorily complete all program requirements for graduation/completion. The Total Program Cost will increase due to academic failure of courses and/or withdrawals and drops. Transfer clock hours are evaluated on an individual basis. Not all clock hours are eligible to transfer. See G Beauty Schools catalog for transfer clock hours policies and program availability. G Beauty Schools cannot guarantee employment, salary or career advancement.