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Our Cosmetology School Program


Cosmetology is our passion, a passion that G Skin & Beauty Institute will empower you to embrace.  Your cutting, design and texture skills will develop naturally with our European influenced curriculum.

Natural and Organic is what it is all about, and you will learn from the best with All Nutrient Colour, designed to cover grey, highlight natural colours and shine from deep within the very depth of each strand of hair. You will learn every colour technique available, to position you to succeed in the industry.  Products and hair colour should be learned in an ingredient based curriculum, pure education that highlights the essence of knowing what you need for each hair type and condition. From here, you will be ready for whatever product your salon chooses, and you will already know it from the ingredients it contains!

G Skin & Beauty Institute students have their own G Skin & Beauty Institute email where open communication with your instructors is easy and quick. Students also have their own access to videos, class notes, power points and G Skin & Beauty YouTube Videos to enhance your classes and make learning easy and flexible.

On To… Makeup, Skin Care and Nail Technology! You will be licensed in all facets of the beauty industry, and your hands-on skills will match your knowledge in each of these areas. Students learn how to make their own makeup with natural ingredients. You will be able to be a makeup artist for weddings, or photo shoots, or whatever your heart desires!


Our Student Salon and business skills classes will give you the confidence you need to move forward in the industry, to wherever your dreams may take you.  Be a salon professional, salon owner, salon manager or education director for a major product line. Your future opportunities are endless. Step through the doors today with G Skin & Beauty Institute and we will lead you there!