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Esthetics Curriculum

G Skin & Beauty Institute will exceed your expectations, no questions. When you graduate from G Skin & Beauty Institute you will be prepared to work in a spa, a medical office, be a makeup artist able to do weddings, runway, photo shoots, camouflage makeup, be a waxing specialist, open your own business or become an educator. The limits are set only by your own imagination! In just 6 months, you Can Change Your Life forever!


You heard that right! We are dedicated to conservation and saving the planet! That’s why we use only top grade Organic Products, and train our students to do their own formulations and make their own Organic Products! Essential Oils and Aromatherapy is just the beginning!!

Many of our graduates have actually started their own Product Lines and love it! And you will too!!



Microdermabrasion Facial/Hydrodermabrasion

Stress Relief Facial & Back Treatment

Men’s Facials Group

Extraction Facial Treatment

Rosacea Treatments & Acne Treatments

Body Treatments – Deep Cleansing Back Treatment with Stress Relief Crystals

Vitamin C Tropical Island Repair Facial

Anti-Ageing Facial with Microcurrent

Pumpkin Peel- Peel Back Time Facial (Anti-Ageing)

Sensitive Skin Facial (with Seaweed wash and masque)

Blueberry Cranberry Oxygen Facial

G Treat – Anti – Oxidant -( Duo Anti – Oxidant Facial Scrub) Deep Cleanse

Hydration Facial (with LED light treatment)

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Stress Relief Facial & Back Treatment

Seaweed Facial with LED Treatment

Extraction Facial Treatment

Rosacea Treatments & Acne Treatments

Body Treatments – Deep Cleansing Back Treatment with Stress Relief 

Vichy Shower Treatments

Glycolic Peel Treatment

Skin Scrubber Treatment

LED Treatment

Microcurrent Treatment (excluding Nevada)

Stone Therapy Treatment

Dry & Wet Room (Vichy Shower treatments)

11-1 Multi Machine Facials

Boost Anti-Ageing Treatment – You Will Love this Treatment


Bridal, Day Time, Evening, The Eyes Have It

Stage Makeup

Professional Makeup Artists

Fun Competitions

Learn how to Make your own Organic Makeup products – Learning Ingredients

Boost Anti-Ageing Treatment – You Will Love this Treatment

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Salt Scrubs

Hand Treatments

Wet & Dry Room Treatments (Vichy Shower treatments)

Crystal Treatments

Stone Therapy

ove this Treatment


Vacuum Extractor

Exfoliating Brushes

Spray Diffuser

High Frequency

Iontophoresis and Galvanic

Wood’s Lamp & Magnifying Lamps 

LED – Light Therapy

Microcurrent Face Lift (excluding NV)

11 in one Professional Machines

Skin Spatula – Vibration & Heat  (blackhead treatments)

Microdermabrasion – face, hands, body _ Exfoliation Treatments

Hydradermabrasion -face, hands, body Exfoliation

Ultrasonic Deep Product Penetration Sound Therapy

Facial Steamers – Pore Cleansing – Ozone Facial Steamers

Vacuum Extractor

Hot & Cold Hammer for Driving in the Product and reducing Swelling

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Hair Removal – Full Waxing Program

Brow / Shaping Waxing

Laser training available in the 88 hr program

Leg, Arm and Underarm

Facial and Back



Strip Lash Application

Cluster Lash Application

Individual Lash Extensions (certification)

Lash Lamination

Brow Tinting

g Swelling

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Advanced Curriculum within our 600 Hr. Program

Includes what you need to know to WORK IN A MEDICAL SETTING or to OWN YOUR OWN BUSINESS!
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Business 101 (inclusive)  Social Media Training

Chemical Exfoliation – AHA’s

Combo: Microderm and Chemical Exfoliation

Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion

Enzyme Facials

Galvanic Microcurrent

Hot and Cold Hammer Treatments

Ingredients Advanced   Learn How To Make Your Own Products

Lash Extension Certificate


LED Phototherapy for Advanced Acne

Lymphatic Drainage Techniques Machine and Manual

Microcurrent Non-Surgical Facelift

No Needle Mesotheraphy

ONCOLOGY  Skin Treatments

Pre and Post-Operative Treatments

Theory of Injectables and Treatments

Theory of Laser and Light Therapies

UltraSonic Skin Spatula Treatments

UltraSound Therapy

 What Ingredients are in your products – Intense Program

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Strip Lash Application

Cluster Lash Application

Individual Lash Extensions (certification)

Lash Lamination

Brow Tinting

g Swelling

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Laser/Light Therapy Certification

LASER CERTIFICATION 88 Hour Add On-Program. Our Students will have the OPPORTUNITY to take classes with G Skin Laser Program student discounts apply for students and graduates of G Skin & Beauty Institute) Extra Charge for the Classes.

Cosmetic Lasers

Dermaplaning in Senior Program

IPL for Skin Rejuvenation/Acne Therapy

Advanced Theory of Laser  40 Hours

Laser Hair Reduction Laser Large Areas

LED Treatments

Laser Physics

Theory & Hands On Program 88 Hours

Tatoo Reduction

Vacular Lesions

Pigmented Lesions

All Skin Types – Hair Removal Laser Therapy


The Alexandrite laser delivers a 755nm light wavelength proven most effective for fair skin types, specifically, types I and II on the Fitzpatrick scale. This wavelength is considered the best for removing fine, vellus hair. The Alexandrite laser can penetrate as deep as hair can grow, up to 5mm.

810nm Diode

The 810nm Diode laser hair removal system is preferred for skin types III and IV; however, it remains effective for skin types I and II. Compared to the Alexandrite, the 810nm Diode delivers a longer wavelength of light capable of penetrating the patient’s hair follicle while causing less epidermal injury. This is a safer treatment option for patients with darker skin.

Long Pulsed YAG

The 1064nm YAG can treat a wide range of skin types, I through VI, but is most effective on V and VI types. This laser is optimal for removing unwanted body hair on people with darker skin tones, as lasers with shorter wavelengths cannot always provide safe treatment. The 1064nm YAG light wavelength offers outstanding hair removal results without unnecessary skin damage.

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G Skin & Beauty Institute is a Nationally Accredited Academic Institution

We are proudly accredited by Naccas and offer financial aid to applicants who qualify.