G Skin Welcome – Essential Fatty Acids & Oils

G Skin Welcome – Essential Fatty Acids & Oils

Hi and welcome to G Skin & Beauty Institutes. My name is Kim, and I am part of the Instructional Team here at G. You hear a lot about ingredients and Essential Fatty Acids, or EFA’s,  So What are they???

 Certain Fatty Acids are not made by our bodies, so we have to eat them to maintain healthy levels.  They are called Essential, because our bodies need them , to maintain optimal health. Examples are : Alpha linolenic Acid, Oleic Acid, Gamma Linolenic acid, and Palmitic acid, just to name a few.

 If your body is deficient in EFA’s , the effects can be seen on the skin. You may have dry or even itchy skin, due to the rapid moisture loss in the skin.  Using products and ingredients that have high EFA’s, can benefit your skin. Different Oils do penetrate at different rates, and are used for different types of products  and formulations. Serums, often penetrate quickly, due to the type of ingredients and EFA’s that are used.

  Evening Primrose, for instance, is high in EFA’s, and is used for its anti-aging properties, yet it still penetrates quickly, leaving the skin hydrated, without feeling heavy. Perfect to use in an eye cream. Pomegranate, on the other hand is also anti-aging, and rejuvenating, but penetrates much slower, resulting in a heavier feel, which is a better choice for a treatment product or finishing cream for very dry skin.

  As you can see,  there is so much to learn about ingredients and their effect on the hair and skin. At G Skin,we will delve into Essential Oils, formulation, clays, masks, preservatives and so much more.   I look forward to you joining us at one of our G Skin and Beauty Campuses . Until then …take care